Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Echo, by Jack McDevitt

I received a simple email from Jack McDevitt last week. It just read:

"John has done four covers for my novels. They are superb. Please pass along my appreciation to him."

Good luck with the publication of Echo this month, Jack.

The sketch by John Harris can be seen here

Monday, 25 October 2010

Fred Gambino on Firebreather

Fred is credited as co art director on the new cgi film by Cartoon Network, Firebreather. He was responsible for the design of vehicles and environments and production art to determine lighting and textures. We can't show images of his designs yet but here is the trailer in which there is a fleeting glimpse of his flyer cockpit design.

Caleb Goellner in Comics Alliance.
An excellent trailer here.
Another trailer here.
More film work on Fred's own website.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Homuncularium and Tertiary Node - Jim Burns

Jim Burns has produced two paintings for a new series of personal work which he's called 'Lost Narratives'. He's used two of his daughters as models - at the top is Gwendolen who's manipulating a small homunculus: "the apprentice feverishly administered the potent mix of refined alien toxins . . . all around her, corridors full of shelves, were the failed experiments of others".

The second image, Tertiary Node, is Megan: "Sheer located the first of the invasive nodal eruptions near the rear of the ship . . . the semi-sentient invader, oblivious to her alarmed presence, appeared to have been seeded at least three days previously, ship-time".