Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Gordon Crabb goes 21st Century

Gordon Crabb's covers for British sagas have been in every bookshop for many years now but recently he's been less involved with Victorians and the 1940's, and more in demand for vampires and urban fantasy. More illustration here. And more stock photography here.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jim Burns cover for John Meaney

Orion are publishing Absorption, the first of a new trilogy by John Meaney. Jim produced covers for John's previous books, To Hold Infinity, Context, Paradox and Resolution when he was with Tansworld and he was pleased to be asked to illustrate this new cover for Orion. More of his illustrations here.

Paul Hess illustrations for StoryWorld

Paul Hess has produced ten illustrations for StoryWorld, the innovative new card game originated by John and Caitlin Matthews and published by Templar Publishing. To see the cards more clearly click on the image above. More of Paul's illustrations here.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

John Harris sketches for sale

In the 1980s John was commissioned to produce a set of paintings for a German beer producer called Herrenhauser. At the time, his reputation for fantastic images was just beginning to take off and the German advertising agency were quick to recognise this. They asked him to produce a set of twelve paintings of different extreme landscapes, the only request was that in each one there would be a group of one or two people who were carrying a yellow box -at the time their beer was packaged in a yellow box. This was relaxed and confident briefing at its best; John enjoyed every moment and produced twelve beautiful paintings.

The brewers bought all the originals but I now have some of the initial sketches to sell. They’re not large but they show the vitality and eagerness with which John set about this ideal commission.