Monday, 13 December 2010

James P Hogan cover art

John Harris produced covers for the The Giants Trilogy back in the 1980's and I now have the three original paintings for sale, along with the cover proofs for the Granada editions. The paintings are large acrylics, 48 x 73 cms, and they'll be added to the website soon - with more details. Prices are likely to range from £850 to £1250, or US$1350-2000.

More John Harris originals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished re-reading these in honor of James Hogan who passed recently.. I bought these years ago just for the covers!

I've just come a Sydney collector, (S.R) that has several of Harris' paintings and a new Burns one.. I cant stop dribbling all over myself. Magnificent in the flesh!



21 January 2011 at 09:05  

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