Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Gordon Crabb Literary Fiction

Gordon Crabb's new stock section is designed to appeal to designers looking for images for literary fiction covers. It's only fair that writers should visualise their characters? And how easy is it to please them when you're choosing a cover image?

By suggesting that they look at Gordon's stock section you can allow them to choose for themselves. And if the writer is dead then you can choose!

We've also added sections for Men and Children. More of those to come soon.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jim Kay's illustrations for Storyworld

Jim Kay was commissioned by Mike Jolley at Templar Publishing to produce a set of seven cards for the Hallowe'en Pack for the Storyworld card game. Four are shown here, and more of Jim's illustration work can be seen here, and also on Jim's own site.

Two of the Storyworld images will be on show as giclee prints at the Illustration Cupboard gallery in London from August. Contact me if you're interested in prints of any of the other card images.

Jim's original drawings and etchings for other commissions are also available.