Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Fire Paintings

We have recently launched a range of twelve high-quality giclee prints of John Harris paintings. The idea came from his current project to produce a film treatment for his idea of "The City of Fire" but we also included some of his earlier science fiction images as these are already well-known. You can always let me know if you'd like a print of any of his other images on the site.

John Harris Hugo nomination

This is the first time John Harris has been nominated for the Hugo and he's delighted to be included this year. He's in
good company. There's a great list of nominees.

Check out his website to see some recent work.

Tor blog and John Harris

We're pleased that John Harris will soon be featured on Tor's new blog. Click here for the recent John Scalzi cover which John has done for them. You can find out more about the Tor blog on here too.

The above illustration, After the Coup, was commissioned for a John Scalzi story, specifically for the blog.