Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Last Cloud on Earth

John Harris has been invited by the US Society of Illustrators to contribute to their exhibition on an environmental theme - Earth: Fragile Planet.

He has produced a painting particularly for this show entitled The Last Cloud on Earth. The idea of the show, "protecting our fragile world" is very close to his heart and he was delighted to take part. He has also written some words to describe his view.

The Last Cloud

What will happen, when
we've sucked out all that's good
and left our Mother dry?
What will happen, when
our Mother's fiercest brood
has shaved her body raw,
to find new ways to fly?
And what will happen when,
With all her life blood gone,
We look for more of worth
to steal but finding none,
we only see
the last white cloud on Earth?

You can see more of John's work in this vein on the part of the site describing "The Secret History of the Earth".


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